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Foundation Phase

Grade R

Grade R opened with much excitement on the 11th of January 2012. The Squirrel Class opened with our first twenty-six girls.
Our focus is for the girls to learn through play. Each child is afforded the opportunity to discover, to grow and to find their place in the Oakhurst family.
Activities such as Arts and Crafts, Maths, Language, Music, Physical Education and Swimming ensure that each child develops holistically.
All Grade R girls have swimming lessons during the  school day at Little Dippers across the  road from Oakhurst.
We strive to lay a firm foundation on which an  amazing future can be built.

Teacher: Mrs Erina Muir

Teacher Intern: Miss Shaandre Hendricks


Grade 1

This is where it all begins!  Our girls have started practising their alphabet, as well as learning to read and write. We do mat-work with the 4 reading groups on a regular basis, to consolidate and maintain consistency in the ‘learning-to-read’ process. We have introduced them to Kathy & Mark, gradually moving on to Janet & John.

Girls have also been introduced to the addition and subtraction concepts, learning about interesting characters such as Peter Plus & Mr Minus.  They have also been practising their  handwriting patterns to improve letter formations.

The class has been divided into 2 groups  for Art, as well as computers.


Teacher: Miss Taliep
Teacher Intern:  Miss Jaydene van Rooyen


Grade 2

With brain compatible activities, action rhymes and songs, the world of books and numbers opens up. Grade 2 become even better Bookworms – just ask our librarian! The Smart Board has added a whole new and very exciting dimension to learning.

Teacher: Miss Sweetnam
Teacher Intern:  Miss Jaydene van Rooyen

Grade 3

The Grade 3 classroom is a fun-filled and magical learning environment. The girls get to explore and learn through a variety of themes. For example, we learn to recycle and care for our planet, we also count down 100 days of school and then explore the number 100.We collect beans in a jar which we earn by working well in our groups.  The group with the most beans gets to decide on a fun activity for the whole class to do, like a pretend sleepover.

Teacher: Miss Hollely
Teacher Aide:  Mrs Leonard