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Intermediate Phase

Grade 4

Grade 4 is the exciting start to a new phase in children’s education. The Intermediate Phase (Grade 4 to 6) brings opportunity for new skills to be acquired and consolidated. At Oakhurst we continue with our focus on the languages (English, Afrikaans, Xhosa) and Mathematics. At this point the children are always excited to start new subjects. These include Natural Sciences, History, Geography and Life Skills. Lots of energy is used up in Physical Education and Swimming classes. Great favourites in the teaching programme are weekly Art and Computer classes.

Grade 4 Teacher:  Mrs Monique Vorster
Teacher Aide:  Mrs Leonard

Grade 5

The Grade 5 year is a growth year and by the end of the year, the girls tower over the Grade 4’s.  We utilize all this growth and energy by developing thinking skills, exploring drama, music, physical education and dance.

We explore machines and structures in Science and Technology, trying out levers on heavy boulders, creating bridges and designing and making toys that pop up.  Our focus is on Conservation and we study various ecosystems and the devastating results of pollution.  Designing a chart on the digestive system provides us with so much fun.

We try our hand at non-rhyming poetry and explore metaphors and alliteration in English. We also investigate Ancient Egypt in Social Sciences.  This culminates in Ancient Egyptian Day, when we all dress up as Ancient Egyptians, decorate our classroom and invite the rest of the school to explore various areas of interest.

Oakhurst is a ‘brain-based’ school where the teachers make use of movement and music to develop good thinking and study skills.  So you might find the class ‘stepping through’ multiplication tables on the netball court, or teaching their partner something whilst walking to the gate and back.

Teacher: Mrs Adelaide Hoffman
Teacher Aide: Mrs Tracey Rightford




Grade 6

The Grade 6 class signifies the end of the Intermediate Phase (grade 4, 5 and 6).  The girls are encouraged to grow in their independence and to take  an increasingly responsible  role in their own learning.

We endeavor to create a caring and nurturing environment for our girls to build up their confidence. In order to assist learning, we try to use as many group and hands-on activities as possible.

Teacher: Miss Michelle Hutchinson
Teacher Aide: Mrs Tracey Rightford