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Oakhurst Music Department

Music is a very important part of each and every Oakhurst girl’s education. Each grade has a designated weekly class music period. Through a wide variety of activities, girls are guided to appreciate the different possibilities music has to offer. All girls in Grades 4 to 7 are invited to audition to be accepted into the Oakhurst Girls’ Choir. The Oakhurst Music Department is growing steadily – currently we have more than 60 girls receiving individual tuition in a wide variety of instruments offered by our teachers at the school.

Class Music

Music is about entertainment and enjoyment, and that is exactly what we aim to instil in every Oakhurst girl. We enjoy singing old and new songs in different languages and styles during the weekly Class Music period. The girls receive tuition in basic music theory, as well as a general knowledge regarding different music genres. No matter how many left feet you have, or if you can’t keep a steady beat, you are guaranteed to have a good time in Music lessons.

Individual Music Tuition

The majority of Music lessons are conducted during school hours. Oakhurst currently offers lessons in piano, recorder, clarinet, saxophone, flute, violin and guitar. These girls are entered in eisteddfodau, external exams, and are encouraged to perform on a regular basis at our popular Music Evenings. A lunchtime concert is held every alternate Wednesday. Our qualified teachers are experienced in their respective specialist instruments.


The Oakhurst choir is going from strength to strength.

The choir rehearses on a Friday afternoon and is led by Mrs Sandy Atherton.

Their repertoire includes songs from musicals, songs by popular artists, and songs from the various cultures in our country.

Performing for an audience is always a highlight.

Recorder in Grade 1

As a part of Oakhurst’s Music Programme, all Grade 1 girls will receive tuition in playing the recorder.

Learning to play the recorder exposes the girls to one of the most affordable methods of music education.

This will also enable those who show promise to continue with individual music tuition in Grade 2 in any of the instruments the Music Department offers.

Our Teacher

Sandy Atherton (Head of Department)

♫ Class Music – All grades
♫ Choir
♫ Piano
♫ Recorder (Individual & Groups)
♫ Clarinet
♫ Saxophone
♫ Guitar
♫ Violin